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We are a local independent family firm of Funeral Directors in Newcastle upon Tyne. In 2008 Ronnie, Pat and Steven opened their funeral home on the West Road. At the time, the future was unsure, but we were confident we could provide the local community with affordable and dignified funerals of the highest standard.

Eight years on and we opened our second funeral home in West Denton, and are proud of our family business with a reputation for quality we have worked hard to build.

Sadly in August 2016 Ronnie Barrett passed away. He had been a qualified funeral director for 50 years. Looking to the future, Steven has attained his qualifications and inherited his dad’s ability to deal with the bereaved with empathy, compassion and professionalism.

Together with his mam Pat, his wife Rachael and a team of conscientious staff he will continue to move forward using all the skills his dad taught him during their working relationship.

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