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How to make a funeral more personal

The number of personalised funerals, which aptly reflect the life of the deceased, is increasing yearly. Here is our guide to finding innovative ways to make sure that the funeral is a heartfelt, personal occasion which will be remembered.   Photographs and mementos One of the most popular ways families can personalise a funeral service…

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Older generations believe ‘family’, ‘good health’ and ‘love’ are most important for a happy life

A recent survey has found that family, good health and loving relationships are considered the key to living a contented life by people aged 50 and above in the UK. The same research also saw seniors warn against pursuing material possessions and consumerism.   Commissioned by Ecclesiastical Planning Services, one of the UK’s leading funeral…

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Here’s how the funeral industry is changing faster than ever before

The funeral landscape is constantly changing; from eco-ceremonies and alternative therapy for those bereaving to new ways of tailoring funeral arrangements. Here are the latest issues and trends currently facing the funeral industry and the public:   Burial space jam The rising cost of funerals and the increasing lack of burial space has been purported…

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